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Product & Business Development Services.

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Product Development
Web Development Services

Product & Software Development

Product development involves managing the entire life cycle of a project, software, or process. I bring vast amounts of knowledge and experience at every stage of a product.

Product Owner
Full life cycle management of one or many products across the span of your company. I can provide strategic, tactical, or execution services and operate within or lead a team.
Project Management
If you are in need of execution services to ensure the successful delivery of your project within budget and on a timeline, then project management is what you need. After a quick on boarding I am able to begin executing and providing feedback.
Workflow Development
Creating a workflow that joins technology to a human process is difficult. Finding the right balance between automation and human driven decision logic can blur the lines of efficiency and effectiveness. I will help you to put together a plan that is executable and repeatable.
System Documentation
Many companies create hierarchically related workflows and processes without properly documenting them and their inter connectivity. This makes it difficult to replicate a system and scale. I will help to make the documentation dynamic and easy to maintain so that post publishing your team is able to maintain an updated system document.
Software Development
From concept to public release, I can assist with the successful launch of a software platform. After an initial conversation, I will recommend a suggested level of engagement and then immediately begin working with or building your team to begin the process.

Website Development & Digital Marketing

Websites and digital marketing are microcosms within product management. Each requires extensive knowledge of all necessary components necessary to turn your marketing into an automated machine.

Company Website
I have 10 years of website development experience. This extensive knowledge gives me the ability to build out websites with confidence and speed. My focus is on deliver ability, followed by small micro incremental improvements. Your website is not relevant until it is being seen by the public, and thus it is important to have a working version up and running.
Landing Page Design
I go much deeper in landing page designs than simply what is on the screen. Landing Page CRO is a data driven scientific method that relies on testing small micro incremental improvements – optimally reaching a specified target goal of conversion rate.
Digital Marketing Strategy
Digital marketing is a fast paced environment that requires a holistic and goal oriented approach. A digital team can blow through their entire budget without necessarily providing any actionable insights or results. I help with setting strategies to make sure every dollar being spent is incrementally improving the performance of the overall marketing plan.
SEO Strategy
Today’s SEO initiatives rely more on subtle content strategies than mass content generation. Gone are the days when just generating page after page of content was more valuable to your SEO ranking. Video content also plays a big role in today’s high visual media consumption environment.
Sales & Marketing Automation
One of the toughest things to do is create is automation within your marketing and sales workflows. This technique is essential to scale a company – and together we can create initiatives that are scalable and cost effective.

Full Product Owner Services


Full top-to-bottom management of all of your companies initiatives and technological requirements as a single source of strategy.


I focus in one one or two projects within your organization and execute on the roadmap to bring it to completion and delivery. 


If you have an idea/concept and need to gather requirements for a roadmap, we can accomplish this with speed and efficiency.


We can map out your business processes and workflows for the purposes of scaling and growing either your team or your product. 

Full Business Consulting

For Brand New Startups

If you have a brand new company or an idea for a startup, we can discuss full business consulting. Here I will guide you through all of the basic requirement to get your company off the ground and operational to the general public. 

  • Incorporation and basic accounting setup.
  • Basic business fundamentals and workflows.
  • Initial domain/email registration.
  • Configuring phones and basic infrastructure.
  • Setting up ancillary digital accounts.
  • Creating 30/60/90 day road maps.

Business Partner

Long-Term Engagement

In certain situations I will forego upfront compensation in return for equitable interest in the success of your company. This is a rare thing for me, but something I am always open to discussing.

Sectors that I partner in:

  • Product / Service E-Commerce.
  • Big Data Analytics.
  • Online Technology Platform / App.
  • Backend technology software / platform.

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